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Consistent accuracy and feasibility allow unheard of long range kills with this smokeless shooter.

Our long range cannon model, consistent accuracy and feasibility allow unheard of long range kills with this smokeless shooter. Quit letting that trophy walk away because your current muzzleloader won't go the distance. This muzzleloader has the capability of reaching over 3000 fps and 5000 fpe. Capable of ethically killing big game at over 800 yards!

Base model includes:

  • Remington 700 Stainless steel (fully blueprinted and trued)*
  • Match Grade Stainless Steel barrel*
  • Recoil Reducing Muzzle Break
  • Fiberglass/Composite stock*
  • Glass Bedded w/ aluminum accublock
  • Free Floating barrel
  • Tuned 2.5lb trigger*
  • Teflon matte black coating*
  • Muzzleloader accessories/tools*
  • Built with Large, small and 209 priming devices (Patriot Precisions Proprietary design)
  • Flame cut and corrosion resistant (nipple less) breech plug (Patriot Precisions Proprietary design)
  • 25 priming devices, 25 pre swaged bullets, 1 powder funnel/bullet starter, 5 quick dispense powder tubes
  • Ramrod, bore guide, bullet jag ,breech plug socket set, antiseize/grease and, etc
*custom options available, switch barrel systems available, not included in starting price

Additional muzzle loader components available, customize your build! Order a Sledgehammer today and bulldoze him at half a mile. You won't be disappointed in this long-range cannon.

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