Who we are

Our passion for precision is unequaled, some clients have called us the "Patriot Precision Perfectionists." We have been blessed with the ability, attitude, and motivation to build you the most desirable firearms that until now you have only dreamed of.

What we do

Patriot Precision builds firearms right the first time with a perfect blend of accuracy, aesthetics, and versatility.

One quickly realizes that Patriot Precision is in a higher class of their own. Not because of any one distinctive quality, it's due to the fact that with closer inspection, the more valuable features one finds. Built in conjunction with the finest materials and craftsmanship Patriot Precision propels themselves into a higher echelon of precision and value.

How we can help you

Now is the time for us to develop a working relationship, Patriot Precision is going places in a big way, we would like to have you enjoy this journey with us.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss building your new precision firearm that meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.